Ket Katarina Popović media arts portfolio

The fairies in the Slavic mythology are believed to be beautiful women, with long white aprons covering their… hairy, goat legs. They live in the woods and dance on the plains. Their tears are the morning dew. And whatever you do, you should never tell them about their goat legs. Never.

If that happens then you will see their violent, deadly side. They fairy symbol embodies the wonder of nature with its pristine beauty and savage force.

This series was created in the heart of Serbia, on a hill close to Valjevo. While doing the 5AM shots, we got visits from fawns. Nature approved.

The Fairy was exhibited within Nature and Art exhibition in 2010.
Material: photography

VilaLivPtf3.jpg VilaLivPtf2.jpg vilaLivPtf1.jpg