Ket Katarina Popović media arts portfolio

Katarina Popovic- ketworks is a storyteller and media artist. Her works explore the process of reintegrating humans (to their imminent) nature through art and technology. She looks at how humans and non-humans interface and reveal their deep and often – invisible connections. Last two years, she is focused on silent witnesses – natural elements and objects that are given a voice through electronics and software. ketworks is interested in how natural and cultural history can be experienced deeply rather than just – seen or read about. She is interested in creating an enhanced empathic interaction with natural objects that has the potential to change you and your relation to them. Ever inspired by mother nature, simplicity, and intimacy in works by Olafur Eliasson, Andy Goldsworthy, and Wolfgang Laib, ketworks’ works explore how revealing the inter-connectedness can wake our response-ability up from the maladies of the Anthropocene. She is interested in our ability and activity that will create other versions of what currently looks like the 6th extinction.

From 2010. her works were exhibited in Serbia, Slovenia, and the UK. She regularly exhibits with the Nature&Art group. ketworks was born in Serbia, currently based in London (from October – in Istanbul), and is open to artistic invitations around the world.

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11/2020 interactive public sculpture: Komşu / Neighbor/ Komšija in collaboration with Turkish artist Ferit Ozguner during the Connect For Creativity artist in residence program. Organized by the British Council and partnering institutions in 4 countries, the public sculpture was exhibited in Bomontiada garden, Istanbul, Turkey.

09/2019 interactive natural objects: Eerie- Things To Bring To Mars, within So, How Is That Working For You, collective exhibition, London, UK.

2019 projection mapping piece: Everything is Watching You within Get Lerped, collective exhibition, St James Hatcham, Goldsmiths, London, UK.

2019 interactive installation: The Hell With the Seaviewwithin Get Lerped, collective exhibition, St James Hatcham, Goldsmiths, London, UK.

2018 interactive projections on silk: Wonder Forest, Mikser Festival, Belgrade, Serbia.

2018 poetry piece for the neon lights installation: EtherNous, Fashion Week, Novi Sad, Serbia.

2015 water fountain public piece for the humanitarian exhibition The Rain is Still FallingBelgrade, Serbia

2012 analog interactive piece, 8Hz within Nature & Art collective Grounding exhibition, Mikser festival 2012,  Belgrade, Serbia.

2011 interactive water piece, Liquid Soundwithin Nature & Art collective exhibition, Mikser festival 2012,  Belgrade, Serbia.

2010 Fairy, photograph printed on mash, Nature and Art exhibition, Belgrade, Serbia, and Ljubljana, Slovenia.

2010, November, projection piece Life Force, within Nature and Art exhibition, Kuća Legata, Belgrade, Serbia.

2010 July projection piece Life Force, within Nature and Art exhibition, Valjevo, Serbia.

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