Ket Katarina Popović media arts portfolio

Eerie is an interactive sonic installation that highlights the “innocent” human touch as an element of destruction.
Silent witnesses of our annihilation, the custom made instruments – wood, fur, and rocks are not silent anymore. They invite the participant to play with them and modulate the natural sounds towards the sounds of unwelcoming and eerie Martian environments. This is a piece about paying attention to nature before it is gone.

This work is a paradox, just like the one we are living in. We are actively seeking a new ecosystem, while (even more actively) destroying the current one.

Woods tell of birds

Rocks speak of the sea

The wolf howls at the wind

Humans are the only ones talking about themselves
And Mars.

Yes, humans seem to need another planet.

And are the only ones who do.

Eerie was created using natural objects, capacitive touch sensors, open data from Mars, sound data from the European Space Agency, MaxMSP and Arduino.

It premiered at the Goldsmiths MA Computational Arts degree show in Sept 2019.

Screen-Shot-2019-09-15-at-8.37.22-AM-e1571395488345.png EerieSajt.jpg