Ket Katarina Popović media arts portfolio

When Serbia was facing the worst flooding crisis in recent years, one of the efforts initiated was the humanitarian exhibition ‘Home-Hope’. Numerous creatives contributed.

Since the exhibition was in the downtown, I have set out to use a common urban object and transform its innocent presence to show that floods can hit any city and even if our regular life goes on, we need to be aware of others struck by a disaster. As one Amnesty International’s project said – even if its not happening here, it is happening now.

The installation was set in a shallow fountain right in front of the exhibition space.

The Rain Is Still Falling, installation in the fountain, Belgrade 2014
Realized while being a member of the MCcann Belgrade creative team
The physical objects were done in collaboration with Ian S. Kevresan

RainStillFalling02.jpg RainIsStillFallingKatarinaPopovic.jpg