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Posted on October 18, 2018 by ketworks_cp8esr on Blog

Kintsugi … but what happens before gold?

Pain happens. How difficult it is to talk about pain? The words are no good for it. They are simple, flat, vulgar. Are they all we have to express/communicate pain?   ‘Each patient discovers his own’, he stated, ‘and the nature of pain varies, like a singer’s voice, according to the acoustics of the hall.’ […]

Posted on October 8, 2018 by ketworks_cp8esr on Blog

The Mathematics of Emotion

The tangent(s) of you 1.0 Have you ever thought of our emotional connections through the mathematical relations? A person that touches you once and goes on to live their life… Is he your tangent? If you have touched two, three, four people that go on to form a lasting bond *because they both have met […]