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The Mathematics of Emotion

The tangent(s) of you 1.0

Have you ever thought of our emotional connections through the mathematical relations?

A person that touches you once and goes on to live their life… Is he your tangent?

If you have touched two, three, four people that go on to form a lasting bond *because they both have met you- are you tangent to them?

And what happens if you interact with some of them in a different way? How does that change your paths (and your life)?

Could our deep relations, *some of them never spoken about, be traced and better understood through mathematics? Trigonometry and the coordinate system- imagine if they could bring some relief and closure… if they could help us be more at peace with what is happening in our very private lives.

The Energy of Pairing

Once touched by a person that has an influence on you, nothing stays the same. The greater the influence, the less of the ‘sameness’ you are left with. Less comfort, less known space. A different energy starts to radiate within you… and from you.

I am using the doodle idea but with the concentric circles. In code it looks like this *the draw part.

void draw() {
ellipse(width * .3, height *.3, 150 + mouseX, 150 + mouseY);
 line(0,530, 375, 93);

When the Tangento starts to move, it can move in various ways. If influenced by the vertical position of the tangent relationship, it moves along the Y coordinate following your decision *mouse. It can always exit the relationship and/or go back to it. No strings attached.

In code:

void draw() {
ellipse(300, pmouseY, 150,150);
 line(0,530, 375, 93);

As with all matters of the soul and heart, they cannot be precisely cut. With connections, there are strings attached, or… sometimes there is this perpetual dialogue between attraction and rejection that goes on in the tangent relationship. If at the pleasure (or pain) of one or all of the parts, there is a possibility of a tangent relationship continuing through time, without change… the one that kind of follows you into the future…

An ongoing experiment

This is the ongoing experiment for the Mathematics of Emotion piece to be developed during the MA Computational Art course. Originally, it was envisioned as a spatial interaction performance that is done with the (and only with) the visitors’ participation. Once I have started sketching in Processing I have realized that all that visitors/participants will do during the installation-performance can be traced and give birth to yet another layer of the work (the visualization of the interactions).

All sketches by ketworks, done in Processing.

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